Sunday, January 15, 2012


Vegan Challenge- I kicked ass. I made two separate cake batters and 3 different frostings. The were received with extreme happiness and produced massive smiley faces.

Even without butter and eggs, those little baked concoctions rose to the occasion. I only took pics of the chocolate but the vanilla came out fantastic, as well. I made a cocoa powder based frosting to go with those. That's the pictures I took. I also made vanilla with vanilla frosting, and vanilla with hazelnut frosting. Overall, even the non-Vegans were eating them up like hot cakes!

The second challenge came when my friend Josh sent me a pic of the cutest Cookie Monster cupcakes and demanded I replicate. This one:

Cuteness. I've seen this design replicated many times over. Some came out awesome and some not-so-awesome. One blogger used all blue colored frosting to achieve Cookie's shaggy pelt, but anyone who eats frosting that blue in that quantity will be pooping Smurfs for a week. And that much blue food color tastes nasty.

This picture uses coconut colored blue. It's probably also a little processed. I used that method instead, but didn't process. Dried out shredded coconut is already a hard texture to sell. Grinding it down even further makes it feel like sawdust in the mouth. So, I colored it and kept it long and shaggy looking.

Banana cake with chocolate hazelnut frosting. Actually, it could have used a little more hazelnut flavor to go with the banana cake, but hindsight is a bitch. Maybe my palate is a little bit off. Anyway, I think my Cookie Monsters came out ok. Not as round as this original, but still pretty bad ass. It would have been even more fantastic if I made my own cookies, but admittedly, they're Chips Ahoy. I took a shortcut. Forgive me!!

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