Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wink Eyelashes

So, after my horrendous eyelash debacle back when my little cousin was married, I swore off gluing ANYTHING to my precious little wispy lashes. (The occasional temporary fake lashes found their way back to my eyes once or twice since.) But, I promised never to allow someone to tape my eyelids closed and individually glue on one hair at a time with some superglue that makes them all fall out when you WANT them there, and then holds on with superhuman strength when you're ready for these fuckers to come out.

And yet I found myself on 36th and 6th at Wink, waiting to get hair glued onto my inadequate lashes.

Well, the place looks like a dump from the outside and you need to walk up a flight of stairs to get to the actual suite. This is similar to Ebenezer, except I'm not assaulted by the rotting garbage smell coming off the sidewalks of K-Town where Ebenezer is located. I had my trepidations, but once inside all that went away.

It smelled good. DAMN good. Some sort of expensive aromatherapy good! The inside of the suite is huge. It's painted in bright, popping pinks and greens. I didn't go all guns blazing with the longest lashes available. I learned my lesson the last time with lashes too long for my own lash to hold. I opted with a thicker mascara looking lash just a little bit longer than mine.

I was tucked into the bed after they told me the shoes had to come off. That perturbed me since I know they don't do the foot massage thing like Ebenezer does and I had sandals on, but I complied and was a little put off by the stray lashes I saw in the bed. I guess that's to be expected. As to the cleanliness, I did come at the end of the day, and I saw new bedding coming out for them to change, I suppose when their last customer leaves.

Unlike K-Town, this lash tech had a feather-light touch. After 15 minutes of gluing at Ebenezer, I could feel my eyelashes straining and it was almost painful. I felt NOTHING at Wink. In fact, I knocked right out and awoke just as she was finishing.

Because of the reason I was there, I think the receptionist didn't give me as much info as I would have liked. I can't complain since I was walking out of there with a couple hundred dollars worth of work on my face with my wallet remaining firmly in my bag the entire time.

They are cheaper than Ebenezer- only about $95 for a basic set of lashes and $35 every two weeks if you want to keep them up. That's doable, if you break it down to $17.50 a week for your vanity. That's two days worth of lunches for me. (Since I'm dieting, that may actually work in my favor.)

For me, it's not fiscally responsible to do this on a regular basis, but since I am going away tomorrow and then again next month, I really do want to look my best and I guess I'll shell out the money to have it done so it's one less thing to worry about when I sashay my way out west.

The results were indeed spectacular but not gaudy or over-the-top, and  I was much happier with these lashes than I was with the first set I got at K-Town. These were more subtle, but a lot fuller which is what I was going for. I may go up a length next time around, but I am sticking to the mascara thickness because it finally gave me the full, flirty lashes I always dreamed of!

Wink Eyelash Extensions

128 W 36th St
2nd Fl

(between Broadway & 7th Ave)
New York, NY 10018
Neighborhood: Midtown West
(212) 594-9465

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hane Sushi

I finally got to check out this spot. I was not disappointed.

My eating buddy and I started with a bottle of Genji sake serviced ice cold. It was divine! We then ordered 3 different rolls to share. The Godzilla roll overflowed with spicy tuna, crunchy tobiko, and fatty chunks of avocado. That was paired with a yellowtail jalapeno roll and another specialty roll with mango and seared scallops.

The food was just enough, without giving us the overly stuffed feeling. Service was fantastic. Our water glasses were filled constantly, the sake glasses were never empty, and the packages of the warm towlettes and chopsticks were opened and set down for us.

I don't mind naming this place my sushi spot of choice whenever I'm in that area.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pay the Lady

Today, I did my first focus group. Because of the confidentiality agreement, I can't disclose what it was for, but I can say that I did really well. It did, indeed, take the full hour. And I'm glad to say that my limited, but factual, tech knowledge really came in handy. Not only did I surprise the interviewer who was with me, but after we were done and I was waiting for my check, one of the focus group panelists came out of the "secret" room to thank me personally and say that my suggestions on the user interface of the thing I was reviewing were really creative and they're really excited about trying out one of them!!! I really want to say, but I won't. Part of the rules, of course. I was really proud of myself, because it was a pretty damn good idea.

They handed me the check and I deposited the money, and then I went home and paid my cell phone bill. Exciting shit, right?

Guess what, though? Now that my cell phone bill is paid, I have more money for my trip to VA the end of this month. How you like them apples?

It's a relatively slow month for cakes, but it free's up a lot of my time for these other things. I'm actually going out of state this month and all the way to the west coast next month. If things keep up, then I could be packing boxes by the end of summer. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that my decisions are well thought out and that the circumstances out of my control will lead me towards a more adventurous path.

Do you ever have that feeling like something or someone is waiting for you around the corner just beyond your view? I feel like that now. I have a lot more work to do before I can put my feet up and rest, but I want to be prepared for whatever's in store.

At the very least, my cell phone bill is paid. Gotta love it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Naked Sushi

I'm sure by now, you've heard of this tacky trend that started a few years back of sushi being served off the naked flesh of beautiful women. It worked its way from entertaining chauvinistic Japanese business men, to entertaining low-brow chauvinistic strip club patrons in the city.

I'll do my best to keep the snark out of my tone. It's not my thing. I find it a lacking function since the heat of the woman's skin will eventually seep into the flesh of the sushi, taking it off-temperature. It's a minor flaw in the design since most people are not all that excited about the sushi as they are about eating off the nekkid skin of a gorgeous woman. Maybe there's nipple or a Brazillian Bento Box that will be exposed if you pick up the right piece of Sashimi. Frankly, just from a sanitary viewpoint, I would put a modest piece of banana leaf between naked skin and fish. If anything, who really wants to eat anyone's top layer of dead epidermis?

Needless to say, I'm not a fan, but I can understand why some people would find this completely sexy.  Personally, I'm not into bringing my meal into my bed, but like we've already established- different strokes for different folks.

Well, a certain douchebag that I used to share sexy time with just got married this past weekend. I may have mentioned him once or twice. He had actually wanted me to come upstate and make his wedding cake- free of charge, all while throwing it in my face over and over that his wife would be down with a threesome with me as long as I never mentioned that he and I had already conquered that mountain ages ago. Oh, and he and I could sneak off together for our own solo pleasure if I could keep it from his future life-partner. The drugs have probably done their damage to his cranial area, but his balls were firmly intact. He couldn't understand why I was so appalled by his suggestion. Of course, I turned him down for the sex, and the cake.

He had his wedding this past weekend, and I assumed was off on his honeymoon. You can imagine my surprise when AOL told me I had mail, and it was from him. It was a short note, and pretty straight forward.

"Hey lovely lady! I got married why weren't you there? Troy isn't that far from the city. Woulda been cool if we couldve had one of your creations but you can always make our babys first cake. So anyways we're putting off the travel honeymoon till next year and opting for a staycation. I want to do this awesome sexy thing for my wife that I saw online- NAKED SUSHI. You are the only chef I'd want to do it. So how does it work- you get naked and lay sushi out on yourself or my wife gets naked and you lay sushi out on her.....I'll leave it up to you. I think I'd prefer it being on you because you are one sexy bitch and i'd eat you or off you any day. hehehe......I know you're into it so i know i'm not being forward....can we end with a happy ending 3 way??? My wife is into you. I showed her your pictures. She thinks your exotic! It can be your wedding gift to us!!! So lets get together and work out details like the date and time and cost of sushi and whatnot........I miss the hell outta you Kit Kat. Please say yes!!!"

So. Yeah.

I don't think I need to really confirm what my reply was. I handled it much like I handle all the unwanted immaturity that pops up from the past- I ignored it. I know I've made some questionable choices, but I don't think I really let the Whore out of the Bag, so to speak. And this dude has obviously not seen me in person in a WHILE to think that I am in any shape to have any type of food item eaten off my body.

No, thank you, sir.

So, what's the deal, gentlemen? What's with the naked sushi? Tacky. Unsanitary. But, still trending. What's up with that shit???