Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Guess who's going to be video'd baking and making a cake from start to finish? Yours truly, that's who!!!!!

So, my friend is finishing up her last class for journalism and needed a subject for her thesis. Her professor was so impressed with my little cake site, he told her to film ME!!! ME!!!! Can you believe it? Who the heck would ever want my mug in front of a camera? I'm not exactly photogenic.

I'm excited and I'm flattered, and I hope I don't come off looking like a complete idiot. (It happens sometimes.)


  1. Snaps for Kat! What do you mean you're not photogenic? Darlin' youre gorgeous! Put up the video when she's done with it. Idiocy sometimes reminds me that you're still one of us humans. ;-) Embrace the mistakes because mistakes teach all of us that a stumble shouldn't keep any of us from getting back up again. Remember? You told me that!

    Good luck with the video. Wear your pirate chef shirt!

    1. I just meant that I ramble a lot when I get nervous and I'm not loved by the camera. I'm already overweight. The camera isn't going to help. Yes, I am sadly still one of you sad, weak, pathetic humans....just until the zombie outbreak.