Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Underwhelmed and Overfed

I'm right in the middle of my annual meat-detox and I've made some drastic changes to the way I do things. Being older, in the worst shape of my life, and busier than I have been in past years it's difficult following a strict diet. I've had to give myself chances to "cheat" or add a little meat to a meal; especially when I started to feel ill or unwell. I've found that these minor indulgences has helped me stick with my overall detox better with less infractions where I go on an all-out pig-out on all things carnal.

Since I've been more forgiving of a taste here and there I realize I don't crave the meat or alcohol as much as I used to. I don't feel as badly when everyone else is gorging around me. I don't feel the need to a must-have drink just because everyone else is. It's been great and the weight has been trickling off in bits and pieces. Not as fast as I would have liked, but it took 2 years to gain it, so I can give myself a little time to lose it.

I was on a lunch date the other day with someone from "On-Line" and he happened to pick an awesome place that was serving duck for lunch. I wanted so badly to give into my hunger and order a nice medium-rare duck breast in a fig and balsamic compote, but I went ahead with a delicious pumpkin and chanterelle ravioli instead. Rather than getting a glass of a fantastic looking German Riesling or even that delectable Rioja tempting me from the bar, I went with some ice water with a twist of lemon.

My dining partner went all out. Beef cheeks, a side order to truffled mac and cheese, and ordered an entire bottle of some heavy Bordeaux, thinking he could entice me to drink with him. I did take a sip of it, and while I could imagine it would have paired well with a skirt steak (or his rich beef cheeks) it was much too heavy for my duck and I didn't feel badly about not getting  a glass of wine with my meal.

We talked about many things right down to dessert, which I was not skimping out on! I went with a fairly light berry crumble topped with a cloud of meringue, a very similar dish I had a Blau Gans. He looked disappointed, as he tried to talk me into getting the green tea creme brulée. I explained it was something I could make with my eyes closed so it wasn't very enticing to me. He ordered the chocolate fondant- a rich chocolate dessert which is a vamped up version of the famous Molten Chocolate Lava cake that you can get at your local Friday's for around $6.99. His version came with a house-made honey and vanilla bean gelato and the chocolate used was a high-quality semi-sweet blend that tasted like Guittard. After taking a bite of my dessert he conceded I had the better choice. His was just very, very rich.

He said he was a little disappointed. He thought I was going to take him down a culinary road of discovery. He felt like he got the light version of me. I pointed out that I did pick out his appetizer- a stunning beef carpaccio, which he adored.  And I steered him towards the beef cheeks when he was trying to zoom in on the foie. Another dish he couldn't stop raving about. He explained that he was hoping I was going to indulge, just as much as him.

While I do love a power lunch in a restaurant I probably couldn't afford on my own, I don't do it in the middle of the work week when I have to go back to work and try to crank out some big numbers. I'm also in the middle of my detox. The food I ate was rich, but I held back where I could. I didn't sop up the light butter sauce on my ravioli with the warm bread on the table. I didn't order soda. I opted for a light strawberry, walnut & blue cheese salad instead of a heavy appetizer. And besides the sip of bordeaux, I didn't go near the liquor. I got the lightest dessert available, and I stopped eating when I was full.

My date may not have been impressed with my own choices, be he loved what I told him to get and he had such a great time he wanted to set another date on the spot. I told him I would get back to him. I love eating these fantastic foods, but I know I can't really do it the way I used to without a better lifestyle. I'm proud of myself.

As for the date, he was fun. I guess I'll go out with him again. It's not often you meet a gentleman caller who still insists on picking up the bill. Fair as always, I bought the coffee and cookies for the walk back to the office. Damn pride..... ;-)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I saw what you wrote "fuck breast". Nice catch little one! Are you still going away this weekend & when are you putting up the pics of your bro's blanket? The anticipation is killing me!

    1. Dammit! You're fast. I was hoping to catch that before anyone saw it. Yes, I'm leaving Friday morning, right after I deliver my Yo Gabba Gabba order. Yup...just rolling in the green.

      I want to take a full shot of the blanket with the border on it. I don't have that shot yet. And I want to take a pic of my brother's face when he see's it. So, when I have all those pictures I'll put it up on my other blog.

      I'm so happy it's over. It took FOOOOREVEEEEEEER!!

    2. I was checking to see if you put up anything new and I mustve just clicked when you posted.

      Which blog should I check on for the blanket? The barely updated crafty one or the one you co-host with Peeta...or is it gale?

      LOL...don't get angry! I coulnd't resist, Katniss! Have a great time on your trip. Don't check email or go online. Just unplug and relax! (Really---is StalkerCreep Peeta or Gale?)

    3. You know, this is exactly why you can't stay out of the asshole corner for very long. I'm not even going to dignify your idiocy with a retort.

      And you know damn well which blog my blanket is going up on, asshole.

  2. You get angry at me for saying out loud what everyone else is thinking. You tried this friendship thing with him a few times already and it always ended up with him turning into your number one fan in that scary slasher movie way. If the fucker isn't motivated enough to better his own life then why should you put in the elbow grease to do it for him?

    I hope your meeting goes well this weekend in DC, and I can help you move if that's the decision to end up coming to. Furniture or dead bodies, if need be. ;-)

    1. I don't get angry at you for saying what you mean. I get angry at you for being a dick about it.

      Like I've said in the past; never underestimate the power of a good deed. It doesn't take anything out of you whether or not I do it, so who cares?

      I'm hoping DC works out, too. A new state will be a new state of mind. And you know what they say; Absence make the heart go wander. ;-)