Monday, June 11, 2012

The Correlation Between Insomnia & Anxiety

Well, this article explains a whole lot, doesn't it? Just from my own observations as a malfunctioning sleeper, I can say anxiety levels do go all haywire when my brain is missing large amounts of REM sleep. Besides the general debilitation of my cognitive functions when I can't get any shut-eye, I'm an emotional wreck- nervous, jittery, paranoid, and certainly anxious. Glad to see that it wasn't all in my head.

Link to the article I'm talking about here.


  1. This was almost one hundred percent error free. You know how you start to unravel when you go more than 2 days without a good night's rest? You know your doc gave you meds for that, right? Maybe if you take your meds you won't go without sleep...just a suggestion. :)

    1. Yes, that would be logical wouldn't it? But do you know what happens if I take half of that one little pill my doctor gave me? I sleep for about 10 - 12 hours straight and I wake up in a fog that takes about another hour to lift. It's not something I can take very single night, and it's not a nice feeling to wake up all drugged up.

      In my opinion, drugs should be taken sparingly and recreationally. I don't want to be just another addict with a vice. I don't see any difference between the burnout that needs to smoke every day, or the alchy who needs to drink every night, or a pill-popper with a script. Legalized addiction is still an addiction, and I have enough weaknesses to worry about without adding another one on top of it.

      I've dated enough hypochondriacs and I've heard every excuse in the book on why it's ok to lean on meds. It's just not my scene.

      BUT...with all that being said, I have an emergency bottle just in case it's absolutely necessary. I've used that escape hatch in the past, and I'd do it again if I really needed to. I just don't want to make it part of my routine.