Thursday, June 7, 2012

Out of Line

Who wants to stay in line anyway?

So, at the day job, we had one of those important meetings with important people sitting in on it. As we wrapped up the reports, that back-stabbing , ass-kissing, brown-nosing Office Cunt let it slip out how she was poaching on the work my company is contracted for. Everyone sat around in silence as this girl nervous-giggled her way through some "suggestions" she had. Everyone sat there like this bitch just invented sliced bread, but I couldn't take it anymore.

Knowing full well that this shit may very well put that last nail in my coffin here, I went off on a snarky tantrum. I've already got the wheels in motion for something new so I'm not TOO scared about it. Worried? Yeah. Completely shitting my pants, but a little excited because it's that kick off the edge that I need to jump this sinking ship.

Anyway, I spoke up. I blasted this girl for not giving the full story on what was going on with the accounts (confidential stuff I'm not allowed to disclose to the general public, but also really boring shit you wouldn't be interested in anyway). I went on to say that if she was going to sit there and attack the work of another contractor, which I think is pretty shady considering she works for a competing contacting firm, then she needs to take a step back. I made it really clear that I didn't appreciate the clandestine meetings these people have been having, and no one was fooled by her fake smiles and bullshit facade.

Too far?

No one said anything for a long time. The look on my face wasn't professional. There was nothing but pure disgust written there towards everyone in the room.

Ok, 33 year-old Katherine can't go around cursing out annoying co-workers and glaring down her superiors. I'm just so tired of this fucking hamster wheel. Do I have a trade that I can make money off of? Yeah, I do, but I'm not really THERE yet and I need this piece of shit job to cover the expenses.

All I know is, right now, right at this very moment I fucking hate everything and everyone. Corporate America is composed of the mindless zombies who do the grunt work, lecherous middle management brown-nosers who will shoot you in the leg and feed you to the zombies in order to get ahead themselves, and the sacred 1% sitting on top of it all reaping the benefits of the work done by the sheep below. I fucking HATE it.


  1. I wish you'd just shut up and leave that place already. Money comes. You're not a hamster to stop running the wheel.

    1. I had a bad day and needed to vent. I'm not trying to make a name for myself here. I'm just trying to not leave like some loser. I've spent too many years here doing an awesome job just to let some cunt come along and try to upstage me. I can't stand sneaky bitches.

      Besides the people here, the only thing that really frustrates me is that I'm on borrowed time, and my debt isn't at zero yet. That bothers me a lot. I have to do something about that.

      I am leaving this place...very soon.

  2. PREACH sister! I hope you had a microphone you could drop when you finished too!

    1. LOL...No. No microphone, no soapbox, no halo for my martyrdom....nothing but a whole lot of frustration and immature anger.

      I'm still waiting to see what the fallout will be. It's almost like a game now when I get to work. I feel like I need to watch out for the ghouls jumping out from behind file cabinets. Fucking sheeple.