Monday, October 18, 2010

Call Me!

Well, these are my new business cards. I'm no good at making things look all marketable and pretty, but these are a million times better than my original cards. Like I said, I have the graphics to thank for that. Without them, they would suck. So far, they've worked out great and people have responded very positively to them.The only thing I don't like is that only the front is glossy, but I can live with it. My next big expense will be labels for my boxes.

With my new idea being fleshed out, I'm hoping it will generate enough of a buzz to pay for all these out of pocket pains, but in the end, I'm sure it will be all worth it. I, for one, am very happy with my cards. I'm sure they can be tweaked and I'm sure I probably used the wrong font and positioning, but I'm a baker, not an artist, and I can only work with what I've got.

Props to the artist who designed my graphics and logo! Without a doubt, I am very much grateful for the hook up.


  1. Where's your contact information?

  2. Why? Are you going to order a cake? I'm not putting my phone number up here!