Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quote Worthy - Chasing Assholes

"Wer mit der herde geht, kann nur den arschen folgen." 

"He who runs with the flock inevitably follows assholes."
~ Chef Max Stiegel (I hope I spelled him name right.)

This was a quote taken from last night's "No Reservations" episode which was filmed in Austria. Isn't it true, though? If you're a follower and not a leader, you end up with a face full of ass. I don't know about any of you, but I'll be damned if I live out the rest of my life chasing another asshole. On the other hand, if you must follow an ass, I happen to think mine if pretty damn cute!


  1. All this German you're speaking is starting to worry me.....Something you wanna share with the class? Going somewhere?

  2. After last night's Vienna episode on "No Reservations", I think I'm in love with Austria. I can speak a little German. I have family on my dad's side that still hardcore German American. I met them once as a kid and they taught me a few phrases. It's a harsh language, but once mastered, I think it can work. Look at the way that actress spoke in Inglorious Basterds. She made it sexy!

    I'd like to live in Austria. Maybe soon! I'm 5 g's away from being FREEEEEE!!

  3. Definitely quote worthy! Saw the episode and did my best to memorize that line. Glad someone else thought it worth remembering too!

  4. I spent an hour looking for it all over the web yesterday morning, but I didn't find anything that had it quoted exactly as it was, word for word. I finally came across it in German, and eventually found a short clip of that quote.

    It was definitely one of those quotes I wanted to remember!