Friday, July 15, 2011

Be Proud

So, non-techie, code-ignorant ME totally just managed to redirect my domain name over to my wordpress site without having to flash a redirect page first!!!!!! Yes, little old me figured it out and did it all by my lonesome!!

I'm so proud of myself. I thought this shit was hard. It intimidated me, and I often went with the the opinions and knowledge of others when it came to matters of the technical side of things. I kind of knew what I wanted, but had no idea how to go about getting there and was utterly clueless on how much I should be paying someone to help me get there.

Over lunch today, someone who was browsing my site casually mentioned that the experience was marred because the redirect page took way to long to bring up my site and it looked sloppy and haphazard to begin with. It was alarming, as if they were about to be redirected to a dirty amateur porn site. =(

I explained that it was done as a favor to me to save me the headache of trying to figure it out. Although its not what I want people to see when they type in my domain name, I'm also realistic enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I was just grateful for the gesture.

Then, my lunch partner laughed and said a better favor would have been to let me know that I could just do it directly through my hosting site. In my case, Go Daddy. I was too embarrassed to ask how to do it. I knew I was out of my league as far as technical knowledge goes within the group I was lunching with. I also felt sort of foolish being so proud of my site, and not realizing what a poor impression it was giving when people saw that redirect page up there first. I found out most people didn't even wait for wordpress to load because that redirect page scared them away from it. There was also a typo, (another person pointed out to me).

When I got back to work, I spent most of my afternoon reading through Wordpress and Go Daddy, getting the gist of it. I made the changes as per the instructions, and was set to wait the 48 hours for it to take. I took another look tonight, and realized that Go Daddy has a special section to do just that without any hassle or fuss!!!

And I did it!! Check it out: Queenie Cakes . Woohoo!!!! Go me!!!


  1. Aw sweets! Did the tech-heads hurt your feelings? LOL
    Among the nerd world we like to teach a man to fish rather than give a man a fish. Tough love is all. Had I seen that page you had redirecting I probably would've said something to you too but I have your site on my feed.

    The simpler road is to take out 20 seconds & just do someone a favor by taking care of it. I do it a lot for people who just want a quick fix. For you, my geek wanna-be, i would've given you another 40 seconds to show you how to do it on your the way you discovered!

    Thank the guys who had a good chuckle over that clumsy page. It lit the fire under your add to do something about it via shame & public humiliation. And they pricked your pride enough to push you to learn it on your own.

    Hey, I'm proud!

  2. I'm proud of me, too! I was a little embarrassed, but I asked for it when I asked them their opinions on my site. And any one of them could've easily fixed it for me on Go Daddy, but they insisted that I should familiarize myself with it on my own. And they did reference that "teach a man to fish" line. I always appreciate harsh honesty rather than a comfortable lie.

    And I don't begrudge the original favor. It was more than I had going on to begin with so that was better than nothing. Yes, it only took 20 WHOLE seconds out of someone's life to do it, but it's still a favor and there you have it.

    I told them that you keep harping on me to learn Linux, and they all laughed and said, "Who told you to do that? Some pot-smokin' hipster geek?"

    At which point, I busted out laughing. LOL