Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Work

Being busier than I have been in recent years this holiday season, I have not partied at all this whole month. I'm happy my business is growing, my website is generating new customers, and my new logo and materials are looking more professional, but I have to admit that I was hitting a wall the last few days.

Even gearing myself up for that party in DC took every last ounce of effort to move my ass. Pile on a big old helping of the holiday blues, and you've got yourself one unmotivated little baker.

I'm tired. Dog tired. My eyelids can barely stay open. My little 45 minute train naps are not cutting it anymore, and my body is heavy. I've gone through 10 boxes of Thermacare heat patches in the last two weeks. That's 30 back patches just to keep my lower back in a state where I can stand or walk. I wear them under the back brace that I've been sporting every day.

I've also missed a slew of parties going on everywhere. Even when I drop off my cakes or pastries, I'm invited to stay for a drink and some food, but I have to get home to bake some more. I may spend a lot of geek time at home in front of my TV when I'm feeling antisocial, but I'd be a liar if I didn't admit how much I enjoy being out partying. I really do. The drinks, the food, the music...I'm in my element!

So, since I haven't been to one fun event this month, I'm feeling left out. I'm toiling away in my Dungeon in my batter-covered sweats, broken, un-manicured nails, un-dyed hair, and stone sober. This is like no December I have known in quite some time.

Thankfully, yesterday, I had a nice lunchtime surprise in the form of my ex. It was a welcome break from my monotony and it was just nice to laugh again about stupid things that no one else seems to get. It gave me a nice shot in the arm to get back in my Dungeon and crank out 300 cookies, 100 pecan tarts, and 30 cupcakes last night.

The adrenaline has worn off, and I'm pooped. I know these sacrifices are only going to help me with the business and will pay off in the future. Deep down inside, I know this to be true. But, all work and no play does make for a lonely, cranky Kat. =( 


  1. Guess what? You don't get a say about that. You, of all people, should know that no one is going to tell me who I can or cannot break bread with. I can't believe you even went there.