Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Words Into Action

I just canceled two huge cake orders five minutes ago. One was for tomorrow. The second was for Friday. I would have had to haul ass into Manhattan to deliver these huge cakes, and since it's the holiday season and my busy time, I charged extra for the delivery and extra fondant work they requested; something I almost never do!

When they agreed to the prices two weeks ago, it was fine. Today, I got a text from one person and an email from the other, asking why my prices jumped. Well, they didn't have a problem with it when I confirmed the order two weeks ago!!! I explained it was peak season and the fondant work they are asking for takes more time and uses more materials. I'm charging what I'm supposed to, which is still cheaper than a Manhattan bakery.

They were both asking for a significant reduction on the prices I quoted. I was angry. I'm very tired. I have more orders on my plate than I can handle. These cakes threw a wrench in my gears because stopping the press to decorate cake takes a hell of a lot longer than popping cookies in and out of the oven. Even in my annoyance, I tried to compromise. I told them if I did just plain frosting with some piped decorations instead of fondant, I would lower the price a little. It was not good enough for either one of them.

So, to BOTH these women I said, "Well, I'm sorry we couldn't come to an agreement, but it is impossible for me to make these cakes for you at the price you're asking. No hard feelings, but you're going to have to find another baker."

Was that really just me who said that?! Me? Little Miss "Oh-OKAY"? Yup! I was proud of myself. This takes a big chunk of cash out of my revenue, but it means a big chunk of time back on my clock. I may actually get to the Natural History Museum afterall!!

I just have to deliver gifts at work in the morning tomorrow, and the rest of the day is mine!! Yippee!!!! =)


  1. Way to go Kat! That's the way to do aggressive business! Sometimes you can't do everything, especially when people are jerks in the face. I hope you poured yourself a glass of wine and laughed maniacally into the wind. That always makes an intense business decision better.

  2. Thanks! It's one of the first times I stood my ground without buckling. I could get used to this!