Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake: Foofa

My New Years Eve could have been a lot more Zen-like but, like everything else in this world; you just can't control everything. Here's my Foofa cake. Yes, I forgot to paint in two more eyelashes for each eye. I needed a smaller brush and completely forgot about it when I had my sister start shooting pics, at which point the customer came to pick it up and I had issues boxing it up properly. Every time I look at the pictures, all I want to do is draw in the eyelashes with a Sharpie on my laptop monitor. Poop.

I could have done better work. There are things about this cake that I hated, but the budget they gave me to work with limited what I was able to do. When I first took on this project, I thought I was going to make a huge 3-D Foofa cake. I started sketching  and calculating how much cake it would take to make the body and how much cake I could get away with using for the head without compromising the structure and stability of the entire thing. I agree to work on it to have it ready for New Years morning, (which killed any partying I may have wanted to do anyway on New Years Eve). But, with the idea that I would be making a 3-D children's cake, I take it on with gusto and excitement.

Then I find out they can only pay one tenth of my price, which leaves them with this cake; and I still cut $40 off my usual fee to give them a hand with their budget.

Not as awesome as I would have liked, but here it is:

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