Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Restaurant Week

I have been remiss with my Restaurant Week dining the last couple of years. For reasons that don't need to be dug up again, I was low on funds and low on friends to come eat out with me. This time, I have a little money set aside and I'm not missing anything!

I'm going to put out a feeler to see if anyone wants to dine with me. I want to do at least 3 restaurants during that fantastic week.

This is why Restaurant Week is important to me. You can eat at some of the city's most forward-thinking restaurants for $35, and that includes an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. I know I can't afford to eat at most of these places at their normal prices. I wish I could, but that's why I ended up in so much debt to begin with when I was still married. Restaurants. I'm a little more frugal with the cash when it comes to eating out, but every so often I think everyone deserves a reward or a treat, and I'll almost always pick a nice meal over shoes or clothing.

As a chef, it allows me to see what's new in the culinary world. I don't work in kitchens and I'm not surrounded by my chef peers everyday. There is no other way for me to learn what's new out there if I don't go out and eat. TV will only show you so much. You have to smell, feel, and taste. That's the true way one gets an education.

Here's the link for the current two-week run. If anyone is interested in breaking bread with me, hit me up! I'll even do lunch for $25, if budgets are tight. =)


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