Monday, June 6, 2011

Out of Order

This bitch is broken. I'm sitting at Day Job, waiting for my ride home. My back is shot again. =(

I've been up since Friday night, baking and cooking. I've had a total of about 3 hours of sleep all weekend, and my mind is mush.. Then, I took a shower and went to work bright and early this morning. I couldn't find my back brace anywhere, and I've burned through 4 boxes of Thermapatches.

I keep telling myself that this will all pay off.


........One day?


  1. dear sweet little itty bitty teeny tiny baby jesus- pls mind fuck Katherine so that she sends me the original pic so I can photoshop it like a normal person & do all kinds of perverted things with her picture, also pls change her mind so that she sends me those purp chucks so I can paint her logo on them....A-to-the-MAN

    you better not be awake!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to start reading your p90x blog-journal thing. you can probably put a humorous spin to it. you're the unhealthiest skinny girl I know, I think the nutritional part may break you an hour into the first day. good luck my chica!!!!

    Oh- proud of you & all this hard work, if karma is real you have a lot of good things coming to you. fuck the past, its gonna be all good going forward!

  2. I wish you wouldn't only comment when you're blazed. =(

    1.- Baby Jesus said that you can't have the original because it's part of the forbidden hard drive files.
    2.- Your photoshop skills leave something to be desired. (NO offense, you know I love you!)
    3.- You can't draw to save your life. (Like I said, you know I love you, but feel free to take offense to that.) I love you, but I love my purple Cons even MORE! ;-)

    I know this will all pay off. I'm just realizing that my body can't keep up the way it used to, and it's frustrating that I can't get all the work done because of the aches and pains. That's why I'm doing the workout. I'm hoping by losing the excess weight and toning up and strengthening my back I'll be in better to shape to keep up with the demand.

    As soon as I set a start date, I'll put up my blog. Right now, I have to wait until my back is better. I want to give it a few days to heal properly, and I want to make sure I have the right food on hand for the nutrition plan.

    Wish me luck!!

  3. S-P-R-E-A-D EAGLE!!!!

  4. hey asshole- don't you have a horde to get to? go raid someone elses blog you fucking social retard...there's a whole other world where your avatar will actually impress someone just as insignificant as you are.

    katherine, I know you're tired and all but thats just fucking really think my PS & flash skills are lacking? just cuz i'm not drawing medieval creatures & cartoons doesn't make my arts skills any less valid. you kinda hit below the belt there....just sayin' :(

  5. I'm sorry. =(

    Let me rephrase- Your artistic style is interesting, but my tastes lean towards a different eye.

    Since when were you so sensitive?

  6. Actually, after reading that last comment, I realize how insensitive I'm being.

    I'm sure your photoshop skills are great. I really wasn't trying to make some perfect ps'd picture. I was sitting at work, waiting to get picked up, and I was killing time. I made this picture using MS Paint and my mouse, not a Wacom. I know it looks rough and amateur, but it was just something silly I was doing to pass the time.

    I love my purple Cons above any other inanimate object that I own. I would never let anyone deface them. You're more than welcome to pick up a pair of size 5 (womens) or 3 (mens), paint them up for me, and I will happily pay you whatever you want, and cherish your art respectfully.

    I'm sorry I came off as a such a bitch. That happens a lot sometimes.

  7. Oh, and that bit you wrote about not drawing "medieval creatures and cartoons"- I was not comparing you to him, so that was really uncalled for. Everyone is an artist in their own right and is only as good or as bad as they are perceived by each individual who judges their work.

  8. one thing you have in your favor is that your brutal honesty is always at the forefront of your character & that door swings both know? your honest, blunt, steel-toed-boot-to-the-balls, in-your-face honesty. your a bad liar & often times the fact that you can't lie worth a piss does sting my ego & my own tender feelings, but I wouldn't have you any other way.

    you'll just have to kick yourself in the ass when I blow up bigger than Banksy. you were quite brutal to me but i'm going to be nice to you anyway. when i read this I always see you w/ your Baby in your hand:

    "Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it."
    — Banksy

  9. Since you're such a fan of my honesty, here's a little more for you.

    Banksy is an ARTIST with opinions that are relevant to the current state of our deplorable society. He doesn't just scribble on walls. The walls are his forbidden canvas and his art is thought provoking. If I want to engage my mind when I look at art, I'll look for Banksy.

    Writing your name in block letters semi-3d is just graffiti. I've met at least six guys who have whipped out sketchbooks full of "graffiti" and were upset when I was underwhelmed. While I'm sure there's a crowd who gets off on it- it's not my cup of tea. So, if I look to Banksy for some mental/optical stimulation; if I want to know the name of the current big tittied, barely legal girl Mike is whacking off to in his mind- I'll look at your graffiti.

    I know that's way harsher than anything you were prepared for, but you like my honesty (right?), and you did bring up Banksy. I don't compare artist against one another. I like what I like, and I know what I don't.

    Mike, you're funny, so fucking intelligent, creative, and my most favorite Code Monkey EVER. You smoke too much, you prowl for girls like Pedo Bear, and your art is not my cup of tea. Other than that, you're pretty damn cool.

    I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship. ;-)

  10. sometimes i read what you write me (on here & thru email & gchat) and i wonder if i should laugh along with your sarcasm or cry because of your candidness

    choosing a friendship with you means i am accepting of all your weird, confusing, mean, cryptic, emotional, and negative traits...all of which is part of that special passion not found in many people at all

    and as nasty as Krankasaurus Kat can be towards me and others- i know the REAL Kat beneath the leathery bitterness- hard and scabbed with past hurts- and i know how incredibley loving and caring you are...i know you would drop everything to help someone you love...i know that you often put so many people ahead of your own well i'll take the Krankasaurus in stride


    if you ever knock my art again, you wicked bitch, i'll tell you what i really think of your homegrown mint chocolate chip ice cream!! don't make me go there!!

    ;-) i love you too my friend

  11. You can call me a bitch, you can call me wicked, you can even hate my personal taste in art...But don't knock my mint chocolate chip ice cream!

    I grow that mint MYSELF. I only buy the freshest cream from the farmer's market. I only make two pints a YEAR. Don't you take your anger out on my ice cream!

    lol...We're broken in ways science can't fix!