Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ta Ta For Now

After passing out in my drunken stupor following my solo pity party, I woke up this morning with a sick hangover and a firm decision of what I need to do right now.

I guess this pretty much says it all. (Thank you for this very approp. shirt today, Tee Fury.)


  1. one bad cake & your quitting? you can't be serious

    tell me this is just another drama kat moment because things didn't go her way

    if your really throwing away all the work you put into your career the past 10 years then maybe i don't know you as well as i thought i did because the girl i know isn't a spineless quitter. a drama queen and an occassional whiner but not a fucking quitter

    sober up- i know thats funny coming from me-, have another self pity cry under your covers then pull on your big girl panties and give me a call back

    shit happens, right? what's that you always say to me- its not what happens to us that determines our mettle- it's how we handle those things

    if your other friends who read this are really your friends, then i hope they aren't kissing your ass and telling you things will work out. they should be telling you to stop belly-aching over every fing thing that goes wrong and handle it the way you used to- with a level head and blunt force determination

    if your really hanging up the apron- disappointed isn't an appropriate enough work to describe how i feel about it-and you.

  2. Just give me a couple of days to pull myself back together. I'm still wrecked by this right now, and anything you say to me will probably set off the tears, and there's nothing worse than a weepy woman on the phone.

    I appreciate your honesty. I know I'm probably coming off like I'm being over-the-top about this, but you didn't see their faces when they saw the wreck I brought them. The look was like a fucking blade through my heart. I felt awful enough showing up right before the party ended, and with a monstrosity of their cake, but their faces - totally indescribable.

    I'll try and get over it, but my confidence is at zero right now.

  3. I don't mean to come off like such a dick. I leave that to the pro's. But, I know you. You get into these pits & instead of climbing out, you lay down & expect to get yanked out. I know you've had a tough year mentally & emotionally, but look how far you've taken your baby. So spidey got wrecked. It sucks but do you think the top chefs haven't had a dud come up every so often?

    You're not gonna be perfect at every job you do. The fact that you always try to be says enough about your work ethic. That itself sets you apart from everyone else out there. Don't be so hard on yourself & don't lay back down into your funk. No one ever promised life would be easy...I remember someone all wise and lofty always saying that....(look I used good grammar again!)

  4. Oh wow. Look who's up. Understood. I've learned not to rely on promises anyway. Nothing worth it is ever easy.