Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WTF is Going On Here?

My boss never showed yesterday. It's past noon now, and that bitch hasn't poked her wigged head into my cube yet. As it turns out, she emailed almost everyone last Friday, asking if they would be in on Monday, and everyone who got the email had the same gut-wrenching reactions of- "OH FUCK! WHAT 'S GOING ON?!?!?!"

It's not excusing my deplorable, irresponsible behavior at work. I'm talking about coming in late, not finishing my tasks on time, and getting distracted to easily by the web, the movies, the music and anything else that buzzes and steals my attention.

I made it to work on time today. If I get a stay of execution, it's going to be very different. No more eating out and movies and concerts...More money thrown at the debt monster. Finish my personal projects and triple my cake efforts.

I was thinking of doing a special holiday label for my Seasonal orders this year- something that will match my box decor better than my regular purple square (which I LOVE and will probably never replace). I just think I need something a little more eye-pleasing to go with all the effort I put into the ribbons and scarecrows I do for Thanksgiving and the ribbons and charms I do for Christmas/Chanuka. I was thinking something similar to my label design with colors more indicative of the season? Do you think that's too much work to do for such a short period of time?

Did I mention that besides the new laptop, I also bought a $200 photo printer, scanner, copier, Fax? Oh, yeah. That's still getting paid off, too. It was certainly an impulse buy that I thought I needed to get my shit done. I can't always order labels from a pro weeks in advance. Sometimes I need things right away.

Well, I'm going to do my best to concentrate and get some shit done today before my next 2pm meeting. I'm leaving early tonight.....I'm having dinner out and then hitting up the Duran Duran concert at MSG.

OK, well I said no more eating out and concerts going FORWARD!!!! I can't do anything about tickets that have already been bought!! Also, I've dreamed of seeing them live for 25 YEARS!!! Better late than never.

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  1. AWESOME show wasn't it? I told you I'd get home before you would. If this is your last hurrah before slimming down on the spending, then it was a good way to go out, wasn't it? You were right. We should've just stayed by you guys since no one showed by you. Our section was tight and no one was dancing but I could see all of you from my seats!!! I was so jealous. Anyway, hope you make it home safe and sound, and get some sleep. Start your projects tomorrow. Get up early, get to work on time, and concentrate hard on your tasks at hand. One day at a time, and before you know it you've got a pattern. It was great seeing you again, and I'm glad you weren't axed yet. Hey, if it happens, at least you got to enjoy the concert stress-free.