Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cubicle Grumbling

It's no secret that I loathe my day job with every fiber of my being. However, they pay me 50 g's a year to be a numbers mule, and the job isn't hard. At least for me, I've gotten it down to at least 30 minutes of solid work a day, and 8.5 hours of trying to find work to do to make the day go by faster. It leaves a lot of downtime for me to get distracted (not a tall order to begin with), and I find that I spend most of my workday goofing off. Some say I'm lucky, but I think it's making me soft. I want to be challenged, and this just isn't challenging or fun or exciting.

Coming from yet another pointless meeting, it's concrete that my little cube is going to be torn down and we're going back to a boiler room set up. That means a huge communal table with our monitors and docking stations set up for us to just sit and plug in our phones and laptops. Besides losing every aspect of privacy, it also means the space I've been living in here for the last seven years needs to be cleaned up. My "anti-walk-of-shame" clothing will have to be taken home. All the crap I've accumulated in my drawers, closets, lockers, and cabinets need to be cleaned out or taken home. I don't even have space at home for my OWN stuff, let alone all this shit at work!

Another thing is having to sit elbow to elbow next to that ducking Unysis girl that I cannot stand. It's like being forced to share a meal with your mortal enemy every single day for hours at a time. Who wants to do that?

With my tax refund in, I've crunched my budget again. My friends have been losing their jobs left and right. I'd be daft to think it couldn't happen to me. Can I pay my bills on an unemployment check? With 6 grand left in credit card debt, 17 grand on that fucking timeshare mortgage that I can't seem to unload, and 3 grand left on my bill consolidation loan, this is not an ideal time to be out of work and surviving on a smaller check.

I figured that a more aggressive approach to the credit card debt will have them paid off in about 11 months. I will be broke, but out of credit card debt. Next up would be paying off that credit union loan, which will open my credit up for refinancing the timeshare mortgage. All through that, I will still try to unload it to the first buyer. I just don't want to owe one more stinking penny to anyone in this world.

Debt is absolutely the worst thing EVER. The fact that I have all this money to pay back and no assets to show for it shackles me to this Godforsaken Job. And if I happened to lose this Godforsaken Job, I would be in a shitload of trouble, looking for a way to pay all these bills.

I keep staring at my computer monitor, willing the numbers to readjust so I can see the light. But, the debt is still there, the interest keeps building, and my income isn't getting any bigger. I have a little money put away for my "Get The F Outta Dodge" fund. As much as I want to throw it at the Debt Monster, I know I really do need to have a little money put aside in case of any kind of emergency. (Like an emergency bus ticket to the West Coast!)

Oh, did I forget to mention I got saddled with a 3 thousand dollar student loan that I co-signed for, and that vicious cunt refuses to pay back? Yes. This is my life. My Fucked Up Life. Whatever. It's money. I'll make it. I'll spend it. People will try and take it from me. I'll go make some more. Whatever. It doesn't contribute or take away from my happiness, but it does prove to be one fucking pain in the ass.

If I can hustle more cake orders this year, I can add to my Get the F Outta Dodge Fund. I keep saying one more year, but maybe this is the year that things turn around for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed, my business cards handy, and my mind open to new opportunities. Hey, you never know, right?


  1. You should get some organizers for all your stuff! and get like a big foam wall to put between you and your co-workers! Yeah, going out can be hella expensive. I guess you're going to be staying in and crocheting the fuck out of blankets now? That's cool too!

  2. All the organizers in the world won't help a cluttered mind. It's a good start, though. I just have way too much stuff!! Yes, I'll be crocheting the fuck out of that blanket and then I'm going to start on the leather masks. It's a few bucks spent on craft supplies, but a lot less money spent out drinking and eating; two things I need to curb anyway. Next week will be the start of my annual detox. No meat and no alchy until Easter, maybe even longer. I should be saving a TON of money once I start that!