Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gift Horse

I was very ungrateful to all those customers who begged me to take their last minute Vday orders. I did so begrudgingly. I wasn't very enthusiastic about it, and I knew they could tell. I just had a very bad attitude about the whole thing.

Lo and behold, I did a good job. I was tipped VERY well. I was even paid more for two of the cakes because they insisted it was bigger and more extravagant than they anticipated, and they felt I should be compensated properly for them. Frankly, I didn't see anything all that special about the stupid cakes, so I didn't bother taking any pictures.

I received two emails and three voicemails from very happy customers. I even got a call from a former chef out in LI who loved my Andy Warhol strawberry design that his daughter bought from me, that he wanted to hook me up with country clubs to pimp out my talents.

I made enough money to shut down a high interest store credit card. I have money in my pocket so I didn't have to take any out of the bank when I got my paycheck today. All my balance carrying accounts (like the cable bill and my cell phone bill) are back down to zero because I was able to catch up. Last week, I was counting pennies so I could eradicate my debt. Today, I was able to put just a little but more money into my savings account. I even ordered some creme brulee containers and new parchment paper to replenish stock that I've been out of for almost a year now.

What a terrible attitude I had last week when I bitched about the stupid Vday orders. They helped me in ways I needed to be helped monetarily, and even opened up new doors for more opportunities; which will help me get out of here sooner!

That entitled, immature grump who was blogging last week about stupid Vday and selling out and hating the damn holiday just got her ass handed to her by learning that sometimes she just needs to shut up and do what she does best; create smiles out of sugar.

I've listened to professionals groan and moan about the customers who are essentially their bread and butter during these hard economic times. I've listened to a lot of bitching about work that is paying their bills, buying their booze, and keeping them high. Work can be a huge pain in the ass; especially when you want to be out partying, laying back doing nothing, or if it's work you just don't feel anything special towards. But, it's still work that's YOU'RE getting instead of someone else who would probably kill for it.

Josh wrote that I should count myself lucky for being able to create something that will always make people smile. I do. Kids are ecstatic when I walk into the room with their cakes. Grown men and women have cried when they've seen my creations. A small box of chocolate enrobed strawberries turn into an ├╝ber romantic gesture brought in by a partner who was thoughtful enough to surprise his/her sweetie with something sweet. And who the fuck doesn't love cracking into a creme brulee? It's the epitome of classic romance desserts, for Christ's sake!

A few hours of sleep? A couple of missed shows on television? Exactly what did I miss in order to bang out these orders? The benefits far outweighed my resistance just because of this fucking holiday.

I need to remind myself more often that I cannot keep looking these gift horses in the mouth, the way I had the last year or so. I need to remember that my repeat customers come back to me because they like what I do. Costco is cheaper. Bakeries are more professional. Still, they keep coming back to my running-late, grumpy, and sometimes excuse-laden ass over and over again for their special occasions.

Truly, I am grateful for these people who believe in me, even when I am not believing in myself. It's because of them that I have been pushed to do more than I wanted to do, and create things better than I ever thought I was capable of. They constantly challenge me to try and attempt more than I have done, and support me even if it doesn't come out perfectly.

My customers are loyal, honest, and grateful people. I am truly thankful for having them, and I will be more mature going forward and never take them for granted again.


  1. Dude that's awesome you closed a credit card! Go greeting card holidays! Yo have to tell me when you mention m in your posts so I can properly geek out about it! :D

  2. LOL....yI'll be sure to give you a heads up in the future!