Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Idle Hands

It's a slow week with only a couple of cake orders and I find myself bored to death sometimes. So, besides the cakes- which I love but can become a little boring when I don't have an extraordinary creative project- I like making things with my hands. I have a couple of crochet projects underway and I just finished my first leather mask. What do you think? =D

Leather Peacock Mask

Leather Peacock Mask Front

Leather Peacock Mask Side

This is made from one piece of 8oz leather that was hand cut and shaped, and hand etched and painted. Obviously, I need to work on cutting cleaner lines. And I should probably invest in an airbrush eventually, but that's the next big equipment purchase I'm saving up for my business.

I love my crafty projects on the side, but my cakes will always come first.

For those of you who stumbled here looking for my personal blog, I had to make it private because of trolls, cyber-stalkers, etc.. You know how that goes. If you really want to read it that badly, you'll have to send me your email address so I can add you to the reader list. Otherwise, you can read all about my food adventures here.


  1. Idle hands are the devil's playground...but look at what the devil's got you doing! It's beautiful. I'm sure your friend loved it. I think you should start taking pictures of all your cakes, too. Even the one's that you don't think are that great. You're your own worst critic. Nicely done on the mask. Can't wait to see your blanket when it's finished.

  2. PS- I'm gonna miss your Write the Wrong blog but I understand why you made it private. I guess I'll settle for your restaurant escapades and cake stories. You have a very interesting way of looking at things. I can't say I agree most of the time, but it's fun reading how you run it through in your mind.

  3. Glad you took the advice. Are they still coming around?

  4. Flowers in the Attic - yesterday and again tonight. Do you know what number tonight was? 666 HA!! Blogger is awesome. I love the fucked up sense of humor this fucking world spins on. Fire Crotch Face seems to have left...let's see if that holds up. I don't know why these psychos have such a hard on for me, but they're going to have to settle on reading about my food findings. LOL

  5. "flowers in the attic"
    "fire crotch face"

    damn girl...you do have a mean streak in you!