Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't I Know You?

Yes, you sat next to me in four classes and I think we barely exchanged four sentences the whole Sophmore year of high school.

Why, I do believe I was in your wedding party.

Um, we played Umpaloompa's together in Mrs. Lesser's play in 6th grade, right?

Well, it started with that email yesterday, and now I have THREE old classmates who have hired me for extreme cakes. I guess they underestimated this little nerdy goth chick from way back in the day! I gotta say, the buzz on Social Network Unnamed was probably what prompted this surge in orders.

I know I have one other old classmate from 9th grade trying to sling decorated cakes out there, but I recognize that style anywhere. A $25 class at Micheal's or AC Moore for Wilton Cake Decorating. Hey, I don't knock it. My mom got her start there (which got her to nag me to start doing it) and my mom's gumpaste flowers kick ASS. I read a few books, but my style is self-taught. I didn't take the professional cake decorating classes in school. I was in savory culinary classes with only one module of pastry.

I'm proud of myself. I've come a long way since I dropped out of college. Some people live through the things they learn in school. I live through the experiences I've been lucky/unlucky to have through life.

Anyway, my gaudy labels caused quite a stir as I made my way into work today. (Late, as usual.) I gave out 5 business cards, and got many compliments on the design! Thank you, Graphics Guru! I guess the dark, thick purple border didn't send them running, after all.

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