Monday, May 2, 2011

For Me?

Sometimes I think I have some of the nicest customers. I do a lot of cupcake work. When the cakes or cupcakes are displayed, I'm often asked for business cards to stack on the table next to the cupcakes so that I can market myself. I think that looks tacky. If someone really wants my services, they will find me. They always do. I've been polite, not putting cards out, not really wanting to say that I think it looks unprofessional to throw cards out there. I've also kept myself exclusive and very un-pedestrian doing things this way.

One customer had these cards made up for me to help "promote" myself. He told me that it's a subtle way to get my credit without throwing my business up in people's faces. I still find it obnoxious and tacky, but I really do appreciate the kind gesture. It makes these last two hell weeks totally worth it!

Hey, somebody out there loves me! (Well, maybe they love my cupcakes, and not really me....) Good enough!


  1. How is that tacky?! That's networking! Cards! CARDS EVERYWHERE! SHOOT THEM OUT LIKE NINJA STARS INTO PEOPLE'S EYE SOCKETS! lol.

  2. I don't know. I'm just not good at that kind of pimping. I feel like a used-car salesman pressing my card into everyone's hand. And I kinda like people seeking me out on their own. I feel like I have an advantage in the sense that they are coming to me, rather then me begging them for work.

    I'm sure that mind-set is flawed. I still don't think I can use these cards, though. It doesn't sit well with me. I am really grateful for the gift, though. I appreciate the though that went into it. =)

  3. Dude you're not putting a gun to their head forcing them to go to your website! You're simply giving them the opportunity to more easily find you! Also people are lazy and forgetful, so cards with your name and information on them help lol. Although I kind of like your other cards better still.

  4. These are definitely NOT my business cards. He kept asking for cards to put out on the table, and I keep hedging. The last thing you want to see during someone's special event is a pile of stupid business cards on the table, and I told him I think it's tacky for a special event to try and advertise on a dessert table. So, he made these so that it's subtle, but now there are TWO issues: It's still tacky to me, and these cards DO NOT represent how I want to be portrayed.

    I'm a pain in the ass when it comes to my marketing stuff. That's why I don't have a lot of crap. I know what I like and what I DON'T like. When I love something, I'm all over it. However, if I hate something- it won't see the light of day. I love my business cards. I think they convey exactly what I want to be represented as- fun, contemporary, young, & clean. I like clean looks, not too busy, but ultra fun and bright. It's hard to get that perfect look.

    These little "credit" cards (I guess he wants to make sure I get credit for the baked goods) are a nice idea and quite thoughtful, but I'm very much against using someone's special day as my billboard, and although they're elegant and simple- this is not what I'm about.

    If someone wants my business card, they ask me, and I hand it to them. If they are sniffing around for me info, I ask if they want a card. If they say yes, then I hand it to them. I have at least 20 people walking around with several of my cards in their wallets and they hand them out for me when people need a chef/baker. I'm not hard-pressed for new customers. I have wonderful reviews from my customers. People have the best things to say about my cakes and my work. I have new people getting in touch with me every week.

    Things are going well. =) I still don't think I need to junk up a beautiful cake presentation with business cards.

  5. Instead of you pressing your card into people's faces, you have 20 people pressing for you. What's the difference?

  6. Haha I love "credit" cards. Nice.

  7. LOL...I figured "credit" cards had a better ring to it!

    Those 20 people have actually eaten my food and sincerely endorse my work. They aren't just people who wanna do me a favor. They believe in me. If someone hasn't even eaten or seen my cakes/food, then I don't want them endorsing me. I don't think it's sincere.