Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WooHoo or Poop?

Well, my new labels came in. =/ Take a gander:

Close Up

On the box

How it was packaged

As I already saw from the proof they sent me back, they thickened the purple border in order to give some allowance for the bleed or where they're going to cut the label. I was hoping it wouldn't turn out so thick, but there it is, and I have to say I really don't like it. I liked the way it was done originally; the way I sent it to them, but I wasn't able to explain that to them properly. That's my fault.

The other issue I has was that I THOUGHT I had ordered them on the roll. I had looked at so many printing sights and uploaded so many label templates that I could be mistaken, and I may be thinking of another label company that offered them on the roll. So, that's my fault, too. However, the packaging was so shoddy, my labels were coming out of the side seams when it arrived. I'm sure if I wanted to count them, I won't have 1000 labels in this box. If I didn't dislike this label so much, I'd throw a fit about it and bitch until they sent me the missing labels, but I honestly don't love these labels, so the less of them there are, the fewer boxes I'll have to stick them on.

I don't want to waste the paper they're printed on or the $70 I already spent on them. I'll suck it up and just use them. I have to say that the matte finish isn't winning me over, either. I'll give it a chance and just use them. I am quite underwhelmed. 

Am I just being a whiner about these labels? Do they look as hideous as I see them to be or am I just overreacting because I didn't get what I originally wanted? =( I'm really not happy.


  1. on its own in the package the border looks heavy but against the white box it makes the design pop

    I say WOO-fucking-HOO! looks great, cheer up, and be proud, kid

  2. I guess. If it bothers me that much, I can always just trim the sides myself. I was just hoping to be more excited when these came in. It just may be my state of mind, and not the labels. I'll give them a shot and see how it goes. Thanks for the opinion.