Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let Bygones Be Bygones

I have no clue if I spelled bygones wrong, so let's just get that out of the way.

Five minutes ago, I just read an email from an ex-friend whom I have not spoken to in over 3 years. We used to be tight. Hell, I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. Because 95% of all women are catty, insecure, and obnoxious- things didn't end well. She went her way and I went mine. She trotted on to married bliss, now complete with a new baby in tow. I went on to have an awesome/painful rollercoaster romance with her old crush- and the rest is history.

Well, she just sent me a friendly email, hinting that she needs a cake for July. I know July is her baby's first birthday. She said her biggest regret is kicking me off her wedding cake gig, and she would love it if I would be part of this milestone event in her life. I know it's the baby cake.

I'm so glad to say that without a shadow of anger, bitterness, or grump- I was really happy to get her email, and I am going to do this cake for her.

Does it mean we're friends again or even close acquaintances? Probably not. I'm not exactly the best person to rekindle old relationships with. My bridges not only burn, but they disintegrate into miniscule particles and disappear into portals never to be heard from again. In short, I'm just not very good at this whole "people" thing.

I've been really bummed since this weekend. Besides a bad business deal bombing, a cake collapsing right in front of me, my customer and her guests and then a nasty-gram being chucked at me- I felt like there really wasn't anything I was doing right. Every time I felt like the light at the end of the tunnel was getting near- that fucking light turned out to be a train headed straight for me. This email didn't make me feel good because she wrote me and apologized for her past mistakes. I made mistakes, too. I felt good because it felt GREAT not to hate anyone and to honestly feel at peace with someone I thought I would never look back at again.

I do believe this little Kat is growing up. =)


  1. See, now I just imagine you standing on one side of a bridge with a flame thrower and a portal gun, cackling maniacally.

    Yay for growing up Kat! :D

  2. I kinda imagine it like in Fringe when Walternate crossed over and the bridges just disappeared into a wormhole or something like...POOF. But, I like your imagery, too. Flamethrowers are always a welcome guest to the party!

    Growing up and better than growing out! (Not that you worry about those things!)