Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mind Blown: Egg-stractor

Ok, the concept is pretty damn simple. Why hasn't anyone thought of this sooner???

A couple of tips to make this work.

  • Use fresh eggs. Old eggs have weak shells and weak membranes. The yolk will probably break while cracking it open if the egg is old. If it survives the cracking, it may break while sucking it up into the bottle. Any speck of yolk in a meringue-bound egg white will ultimately ruin your whites.
  • Be Careful! If you break the yolk due to overzealous cracking, all the bottle sucking in the world won't separate it from the whites.
  • Use three containers. One to catch the yolks. One to hold the whites. And one to open your egg into and suck up the initial yolks. If you accidentally break the yolk three eggs into this process, you won't mess up the clean whites you have sitting in the other bowl.

I gotta try this! I'll let you all know how it works out!

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