Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yesterday, my buddy and I drove to four different places trying to find Oskar Blues Ten FIDY beer. He saw a review of it on a YouTube beer review and had to have it. Here's the review:

As you can see, it's out of Colorado, which means that unless they've been distributed well, it was nearly impossible to find it on the East Coast. He did a casual search online and took a few trips to different beer distributors to see if he could find it. Unfortunately, there was none in the area based on the sites he visited.

We ran a few errands yesterday, and on a lark we went on a hunt for this beer. Three Whole Foods and two beer distributors had other brews from this brewery, but not the fabled Ten FIDDY. I checked my own search engine and found one more beer distributor out in Glen Cove which claimed to carry this white whale.

Twenty minutes later, and after finding it hidden behind a grocery store (we came from the other side), we saw the damn thing right in the front window. Not only did they have the Ten FIDDY, but they also carried about 4 or 5 other varieties from this brewery. With a hefty price tag of $17.99 for four cans, I guess it made the trip worth it.

It got me thinking. I've had my fair share of travels down south and out West. I've had some delicious brews that I may never be able to get my hands on here in NY, unless I got someone out there to bring some back for me. I don't know how many people are willing to travel with glass-bottled beers just to be nice. Not happening.

Then, I came across this site: Beerjobber. They will essentially fetch a fresh batch of beer direct from these craft/micro brewers and ship it to you for a nominal fee!!! How awesome is that??? I've had my own versions of one night stands with various cask specials served in hipster craft bars scattered throughout Brooklyn.

ONE NIGHT ONLY!! GUEST BREWERY SPECIAL!!! Oh, and they were special.....(I'm talking to you, Night Stalker!)

Unless I made my way to a pub every other night, which I don't do anymore because my poor pickled liver begged me to slow down, there is no way I'm going to be able to catch every awesome out-of-state brewer that may have some special brews on hand.

Beerjobber takes care of this. I have not signed up yet, but taking a gander of their various featured brewers, I don't think I'd be disappointed. I think about a Mocha Stout out of Atlanta that I sipped one rainy night at Burp Castle (not a fun night overall, but an awesome beer!). Or the first time my lips touched Night Stalker at Mission Delores. Then, there was that fantastic IPA I had in Breckenridge! So many to remember, but so far out of reach! Not anymore, thanks to Beerjobber. What an awesome service!

I don't know how much gas my friend burnt driving around looking for his brew, but I think a few bucks online would have saved him a lot of aggravation.

If you love your beer like you love your mates- hard to get- then consider Beerjobber your Brew Pimp! ;-)

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  1. Dude, this is actually pretty fucking sweet!! We get a lot of stuff from Canada up here, but not much from the microbrews around the states. I dig it! Nice job, kid!