Thursday, February 23, 2012


I should be in my Dungeon tonight baking, but I'm unwelcome in my own home. I'm basically locked up in my Hoarder room, trying to keep away from the crazies residing beneath the same roof. Should I wake up at 3am to  get some baking done before I leave for work in the morning or do I try and just do it all tomorrow night, last minute again?


I fucking hate my life right now.


  1. You've shot me down before, but hear me out. File for fucking brancrpcy already!! Cut your losses and move on. You're there, picking at this fucking mountain of debt & that can take years. You'll never get out of there if you stick around to pay back every fucking penny. Most of that shit wasn't even yours to begin with. It was that fucking husbands of yours. Why are you trying to be the better person by paying it back? Who do you htink you're helping? The fucking 1% that's who!! Lots of assholes write it all off. You're not a moocher so you shouldn't feel guilty about it. Write it off and pack a bag. Throw out all that material shit you're fucking buried under and walk out of that fucking house and don't look back. It's not healthy for you being there so long. Your familyl is playing the fucking victem to keep you tethered there to them. Don't you see that? Everytime you're ready to move on, they get "sick" again or they talk you out of it because of money. They want you there like they want a safety net following their every step. You can't rescue them. They're dragging you down under with them. You can come live with me if you want, rent free till you figure out what you wanna do. The only reason I offer is because you would do the same for me. No hanky panky. Just a friend helping a friend out.

  2. If the only issue was money, its easy enough to fix. I can help you refinance if you want. Your interest rates are just too high for you to make a difference each month, which is why you feel like you're spinning your wheels. Squirreling money away for the future is all well & good, but you need to remove the burden of growing interest first and foremost.

    Once you're stable financially you can look at your family and living situation from a more level perspective. Being your friend, I can tell you with the utmost love & respect that some of your worst decisions are made I. the heat of an angry moment, and they are seldom ever reversible.

    I'm not saying you're wrong for wanting to disassociate yourself from your family. I just don't want you to do it unprepared & without the benefit of a calm disposition.