Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Book Club: The Hunger Games

I was talked into a book club at work, and naturally I picked the book I most enjoyed reading. Out of 15 women, only 1 person was a negative Nelly about it. When the month was over and it was time to meet again to discuss the book, this is what I put together as my contribution as Host of the Month. (The esteemed title the person whose book we read gets to hold for one meeting.) That person is responsible for snacks for that meeting.

You know how I roll. ;-)

If you read the book, you know the Tributes are given gifts from their sponsors via parachute packages. Each one says: "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

I brought snacks mentioned in the book: 3 different types of goat cheese, fresh basil leaves, 2 different types of berries, and some nuts & trail mix. I added little toast points to eat with the cheese, as well as a quince jam just to add a little something extra. THEY LOVED ALL OF IT AND FOUGHT OVER THE LAST BITS OF CHEESE!!

The cookies are supposed to represent the cookies Peeta's dad gave Katniss when he said goodbye to her.

Inside the parachute packages are mini loaves a bread, like what District 9 sent Katniss after what she did for Rue.

They are actually mini loaves of banana cake and crumbled walnuts across the top.
This was the first book club meeting, and since I went first I needed to set the bar high. The Hunger Games was an easy book to draw food ideas from because they spoke in detail about the various foods in the book.

The extra touches I added like the mini parachute packages and the cheese platters are just things I like to do. When you like doing something, it's no longer a chore. Everyone seemed to enjoy what I put together, and I had a really nice time thinking it all up. It kinda makes me wish it were my turn again!

Luckily, the other ladies told me they would be contracting their "turn" for host snacks out to me. Let's see if I can make a little money off this. To be honest, though, a lot of the books these other women picked were pretty boring. I'll see what food ideas I can pull out of them as I read.

As for me: SUCCESS

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