Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Deeds

I'm not one who can forget a slight easily. I can hold onto a grudge like a dying man grasping at the last wisps of life, as he's on the cusp of death. When it comes to slights of the heart, I can smile, bury the hatchet, and agree to be civil, but the hurt is still there; sort of festering like black mold.

Through my old friend's in Cali, a really old friend contacted me this morning asking if I knew someone who would be willing to do a mural in their nursery in preparation of their arriving bundle of joy. Their theme? Anime. Baby anime. She named a whole bunch of characters and such that I have no knowledge of, but they were directed at me because my Cali friends told them I was fucking an artist.

Correction: I WAS fucking an artist. (A few, in fact, over time.) Times have changed.

Anyway, they asked if I knew anyone who would be willing to come out to TX to do the deed because they had already spoken to a few potential artists from some local art school and they weren't too happy with anything they saw. At first I didn't think I heard her correctly. They were going to fly someone out to draw on their nursery walls? Seriously? Yes, they replied. All expenses paid. (I guess it really does pays to be a Republican in TX). However, they would prefer someone already in-state or near the West Coast.

As soon as they said it would take place in the Lone Star State, my stomach clenched in knots. I mean, holy hell! Why do I always end up in these moral predicaments?

I know 2 artists in TX. I have, indeed, fucked both of them at one point or another. And they are both fantastic artists, regardless whether or not they were fantastic for me. I put on my big girl panties, and told her this. Although both men have very distinct styles, they are both really awesome at what they do, and personally I leaned more towards the art of one rather than the other just because of personal preference, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and they would ultimately have to make that decision on their own. And ever after that, getting either one of these guys to agree to the gig and hammering out payment was all something she would have to do on her own. I really wanted as little to do with these transaction as possible.

I sent her links to both artists, prefacing that I didn't really know what either was currently up to, and whether or not they would take the job is between her and them- but I would send along a "head's up" note to let them know she would be contacting the one she liked better.

Within 5 minutes, she was calling me back gushing that her husband and her had really liked the one, and they saw a drawing of his that they would like to utilize in the design of the nursery, and if I wouldn't mind contacting him right away. Also, the fact that he would only be in San Antonio for another month lit a match under their ass to try and grab him as soon as possible. She said they were only half an hour away from San Antonio, and she took that as a sign that they made the right choice.

Personally, I would have gone with the other artist, but that's just my point of view. And really, considering that his network connection was coming from the likes of me would have probably earned them a very brisk refusal anyway.

The one they chose does lean more towards a Japanese style when it comes to his drawings. I mean, even the portrait he did of me back in school resembled sexy anime women moreso than me. If Anime is what they want, I understand why they wanted him. It's just not my cup of tea.

I sent a text to TX, and within an hour the artist and expecting parents were connected. San Antonio (as I will affectionately refer to the chosen one) was so stoked about the offer that he told them he would do it for free if they would just pay for his gas and meals and  some beer while he worked. I guess he doesn't get many calls for this sort of thing considering the type of work he ultimately went with as his chosen line of employment.

They are meeting up tonight for dinner/drinks (none for the mommy-to-be, of course), and a view of the nursery so he could get started on sketches. They both keep thanking me, and in my belly I have a guilty rumble because it was one of those things I had to talk myself into doing to begin with. I could have easily said I lost touch with them, and I couldn't help her out. It wouldn't be a lie.

But, then I thought about all the jobs I had this weekend. My Avenger's night, Joe Rogan, and all the eating out I did was all paid for by gigs I got by someone being nice enough to connect me with a customer. No one had to give out my name or my card or my website. But, they took the time out and did so, and because of that I got paid and that money went to a lot of things I either needed or wanted.

What kind of a cold bitch would I be to tell a flat out lie and refuse to make a connection for someone else all in the name of avoiding an unpleasant interaction with someone who has been unpleasant towards me? Maybe this one mural will lead to other people wanting murals or end up in some local design look-book. Maybe he ends up meeting someone else who hands him a heap of artsy jobs that finally gives him the go-ahead to leap back into art; something he's always wanted to do. Or maybe he does one awesome mural that makes one family very happy; and his selfishness will ease away just enough for him to be a little less self-centered. That, in itself, would make it all worth it.

I try and do good every day I'm out and about, but the opportunities don't always present themselves, or doing "good" means doing something I really don't want to do. I think that's what makes the deed more meaningful; when you swallow your pride, put aside petty grudges, and do what's right- NO MATTER WHAT.

How many people can honestly say they can do that? Well, today, I did!


  1. Kindness begets kindness. I don't think there's anything wrong being good to your common man. I know you say you hold grudges, but you don't do that very well. Trust me! Your bark is louder than your bite.

    You can be content with just doing good for someone. It doesn't mean you need to reconnect or be friends with these people. Acting with your heart is good at times, but sometimes you do more than you need to do for people who don't deserve it. It's like, drop the coin in the fountain and then walk away! Don't stand there and keep tossing in coins trying to find the perfect spot or achieve the perfect toss.

    Just toss and roll. ;)

    1. Sounds like craps! What a perfect word- CRAP. LOL I understand what you're saying. It seemed to work out, and if they're happy with the outcome, then it's all good.

    2. Do you actually know this couple in TX or was this a friend of a friend situation?

    3. Yeah, they were actually at my wedding. My ex-husband and I went to Hawaii with them, too. I've seen then a few times over the years when they come to NY to visit or when I go to the west coast. We're not really close but we're all friendly.

  2. deposit into the old karma account? Your work here is done. Like Josh said, there isn't any reason for you to keep talking to him. Maybe the job will keep his hands busy enough to stop sitting in front of his monitor beating off to old pictures of you. ;-P

    1. YUCK!! I don't need a mental image of that.

      Anyway, he called this morning to tell me they have it all hammered out and he's going to start painting this weekend. He was really appreciative of the gesture and kept thanking me for picking him. I told him I didn't pick him; they did. And don't embarrass me.

      As they say; all good things...

    2. Yeah yeah yea...snoooooooooore

      Now he owes you one....see how the cycle never ends??? You doing him a solid just adds to his spank bank cuz now he thinks you're secretly in love with him and want all 3" of his asian persuasion boinking up into you.

    3. "Boinking into me?" Is that the best you can come up with? You're slipping, Mike.

      I've learned, over the years, that men have less time cyber stalking their ex-girlfriends when they find someone new to fuck. There simply isn't enough time in the day to ogle the past while trying to concentrate on maintaining the present to lead to a successful future. Something always gives; the past or the present. It can be off-putting to a current bed partner to walk in on her companion "beating off" to an old flame.

      Anyway, do you remember what I looked like 12-13 years ago? I was fucking flawless! Hell, I'd rub one out to one of my old pictures! Anyone would! ;-)

    4. I'm just gonna close my eyes & rub one out to the image of you rubbing one out.....

  3. Rub rub rub... LOL! You guys are funny. I would personally like to have my 2006 size-six body back, myself.

    I think you did the right thing. You are a very mature and classy person. Never forget that. :D

    1. Thanks, babe! That's awesome of you to say!