Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Off to a Rough Start

Last night I baked two 6" round cakes, two 8" round cakes, five 10" rounds cakes, and a small teddy bear for a baby shower cake I need to decorate tonight. I made two batches of fresh macerated strawberry filling and 8 batches of decorators white frosting in vanilla and in almond. I rolled and pressed 20 purple fondant pansies, and I managed to mop the floor when I was done decorating the 8" cake that I had to deliver today. (The one that the purple pansies were for.)

When I finished at 3:30am, I thought I could sneak in an hour nap before I had to get up to shower and jump on the bus before rush hour, but after waking up at 4am, and just sneaking in another 30 minutes, I awoke to see it was 9am.

Late? HA! After getting reamed out last week for my shoddy work performance, you'd think that it would light a fire under my ass to get to work on time. How can I when I cannot fall asleep at night, which then has me lagging into a coma-like state around 4am every single morning?

On top of that, I have a date at Veselka before the Garbage concert at Webster Hall with my new friend Michelle. She's cool people I happened to meet per chance on a wing night out with my cousin and her people. I've had this nagging headache since Friday. I don't know if it's coming from my teeth and radiating upward or if it's just some stress. I'm breaking out like a 13-year old, and NOTHING is making this headache abate.

I don't know if this is such a great start to my cake week. I have to decorate the 10" and the 6" cake tonight- in baby shower mode. I wanted to post the pictures to my website so I'm trying to come up with something original. I don't know if I can pull it off. I anticipate getting home around 1am, if I'm lucky. Thankfully, the strawberries and the icing is ready to go, but the creativity is sort of stopped up.

Since I'm transporting two cakes via subway, I really do need to get on before the rush hour. There are just too many people for my comfort. Leaving any later than 5:30am is just asking for trouble.

I'm going to switch to Motrin to see if that does anything for the headache. The Advil only managed to upset my tummy, and who the hell goes to a concert with a headache and an aching tummy?